Jackson  Township of Ashland County
799 CR 175   West Salem, Ohio 44287

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Cheryl  Welch 

 464 TR700 945-2698 Trustee, Vice Chair Person, Park Caretaker, Maintains and develops township website, Grant Writer, Manages/Organizes Farmer's Market, County Health Board Representative and Secretary, and Fire Department Representative serving on the Fire District Board.
 Kay Wright  115 St Rt 42 869-7153 Trustee,  Cemetery Caretaker
Scott Markley  552 TR 101 421-9255 Trustee, Chair Person
 Kellie Light  308 TR 1080                 606-0378  Fiscal Officer

 Monthly Board of Trustees Meeting

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.
Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

  Contact Information:
Telephone: 419-945-2292
Fax: 419-945-2292 
Cheryl Welch Email: cwelch12@frontier.com

 Polk Cemetery
Fees and Headstone Requirements
Owners of lots and gravesites are reminded that according to a township resolution, all flowers, decorations and vases placed on the ground must be removed between October 15th - April 15th. This is to allow township personnel to conduct its annual spring cleanup.